Custom Finishings

Our finishings include tag removal, printed tags, woven tags, folding/bagging, and hang tags all branded in your logo and created for a professional look. Finishings can add a retail quality to your items and makes the garment seem like its completely yours. 

Hang Tags

Hang tags are tags attached to a garment that includes information about the manufacturer or designer, the fabric or material used, care instructions and sometimes the price. Design your own in our online designer! Available in bundles of 100, 500 and 1000.

Woven Labels

Sewn in tags add a nice touch to the inside neck, pockets, hoods, jackets and many other items. Design your own in our online design lab and add them to your order before you checkout! Purchase in bundles of 100, 250 and 500.

Hem Tags

Sewn in hem tags add a small branding and design feature to your tees and hoodies. Add them to the hem of your sleeve or bottom on your shirt and elevate your brand. Purchase in bundles of 100, 250 and 500.


Custom embroidered patches can add character to your apparel and stylish design touch. With a adhesive backing, our team can heat press these patches on many different placements. Available in bundles of 500 and 1000. 

Printed Tags

Are you looking for custom branding in your garments? Don't want other people to know what garments your using? We've got you covered. Printed tags are a fantastic upgrade for your orders. Available in bundles of 25, 50, and 100.

Tag Removal

Whether you-ve got printed tags or sewn in hem tags, tag removal is a way to get rid of that extra manufacturer information and make the garment feel more like it is yours and not just a generic tee.

Fold & Poly Bag

Tired of having to fold shirts before you ship them out? Keep them neat and clean by having them folded and bagged before you even receive them. Complete with size stickers posted on the outside of the bags. Available with no minimum order. 

Each of our finishings are available to purchase with your order of screenprinting, embroidery etc. There are minimum quanities for each of our finishings, although we don't need to apply them all at once. You can use some now, and save some for a later order if needed!

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