How to Use Our Design Lab

Design Your Own Brand

Did you know you can create custom designs in our Design Lab on our website?! When it comes to designing your own brand it can be hard to translate an idea to a design yourself. Our design lab gives you the tools to create more advanced designs in a few easy steps.

If text-based designs are your thing, then the built-in text design tool is the right option for you. With it, you can transform words into meaningful messages and gorgeous designs in the blink of an eye. Just click Add text in the Design tab and type in your text.

The Design Lab has a clipart selection and individual design templates you can use for free! Browse the collections to create fun and unique designs, all within our Design Lab. Templates are fully customizable with your brand name! 

Maybe you’ve created a design, but it’s not exactly what you were going for? Try adjusting the size, position, and angle of the design on the product. You can make adjustments to uploaded files and design elements you’ve chosen from the Design Lab.

Our Design Lab has fantastic image filters you can use on your products for free. If you’re not too comfortable with the designing process yourself, it’s another great option to try out!

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