What is your current turnaround time?

Production turnaround begins at the time when we’ve received payment for your order, we have all of the details and we have usable art files. Once all of these things have been received the clock on your order starts ticking. From start to finish we strive to meet the following windows: 

Print on Demand Orders (POD):

3-5 Business Days + Shipping 

Bulk Orders (12 or more):

7-10 Business Days + Shipping

Complex Bulk Orders:

Could take up to 4 weeks. This includes services like neck tagging, custom socks, custom patches etc.

To ensure we can meet this window, please approve all spec sheets as soon as possible and try to refrain from post payment changes. Changes to your order after payment will cause delays. If you need your order in a faster turnaround window than those listed above, please let us know. There are things we can do to make accommodations for your order.

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