5 Things to Know Before Ordering Custom Apparel For Your Business

There are many reasons why businesses order custom printed shirts. These t-shirts and sweaters could be for their employee uniforms, used for giveaways, or as prizes in reward programs for your clients. Custom shirts have many uses, and if you are looking to order some, there are a few questions you should ask yourself first.

#1 What is the purpose of the shirts?

Are these custom shirts for your employees? If so, are they going to be outside or inside most of the time? Or are they a bonus for your clients after they make a purchase? These are some of the first factors to consider before deciding on your order. If your employees are wearing the tops are they going to be wearing them for long hours? If so, you need to consider a comfortable material or a material that wicks moisture such as the Gildan DryBlend 8000. If they are only being used for a special event for your staff and clients, then you may consider a cheaper fabric as it will only be worn for that event such as the ATC Everyday Cotton Tee.

#2 How many do you need?

Determining how many custom shirts are in your order can save yourself time, money, and frustration. A vague idea about quantity can lead you to order too few or far too many shirts - leaving you either scrambling to order more or left with overstock. If you are ordering for a select group of people, reach out to them and get their sizing information. If the tops are for an event, try to gather the number of all the attendees and order various sizes. This information will also influence your printing options. See our article on DTG and screen printing to learn more.

#3 What is your budget?

Your budget is a crucial piece of information that will determine your options and go hand in hand with all these questions. Everything from the type of printing being done to the quality of material can drastically increase or even decrease your cost. If you have a budget in mind but are unsure of your options, your best bet is to speak with your printer. If you need some clarification on the printing process or if you are uncertain of materials or designs, please feel free to contact us now.

#4 When are they being distributed and used?

Timelines are critical to the printing process. While your printer will certainly do what they can to work with you, it is best to plan your timeline. Providing ample time to get your custom shirts printed only benefits you in the end by helping to avoid unnecessary crunch time or incorrect order amounts.

#5 How are they being handed out?

Think about distribution before you order. Are your custom shirts being handed out at a company event or shipped across the country? The way you get your shirts to clients or employees will influence more factors like material type and extra spending.

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