The Most Comfortable Work From Home Apparel

In the past year, we’ve all been spending much more time at home. As our home lives get busier and we find ourselves changing our everyday work routines, comfortable apparel has never been more important. Working from home has become the norm, and most of us are trading in professional work attire for more comfortable work from home apparel. Today we’re taking a look at some of the most comfortable clothing options that make working at home all the better.

Performance Wear - An Often Overlooked Choice

We’re starting off with a bit of an unorthodox option, but performance wear can be a great choice when working at home. By performance wear, we mean tank tops, basketball shorts, leggings, and lightweight zip-ups among others. The clothes we use for our workouts are designed to be comfortable and worn for long periods of time, making them a great choice of apparel for working at home all day. 

T-Shirts - A Quick Solution

What is more a more comfortable work from home apparel choice than the classic t-shirt? The lightweight materials and general loose feel of a t-shirt make it a great go-to option for work from home apparel. T-shirts are comfortable to wear and can be thrown on quickly if you’ve slept in a little later and have to make it for a morning meeting. T-shirts also work great for end-of-the-day meetings with your team or casual virtual work get-togethers. 

Polos - Casual Professional Wear

If you want to go a little more professional looking while staying comfortable, a polo shirt should be your choice. Polo shirts work for both men and women as great casual workwear and are an easy way to look presentable if you have a client call or online presentation. Over the years, polos have become one of the most versatile clothing options for professionals. Their overall simplicity and clean-cut style ensure you aren’t sacrificing overall looks for comfortability. 

Fleece - A Cozy and Obvious Option

With the mornings having a little chill in the air this time of year and waking up before the sun all the more common right now, having a good fleece apparel option is a great comfortable idea. The coziness that fleece offers make it a no-brainer when you want something comfortable and loose as you sit in front of your computer all day. 

Staying Comfortable While Representing Your Brand

Business owners should consider giving their employees some branded comfortable apparel to wear at home. Do you have employees that are often on video calls with clients? Then it’s a good idea to give them some branded company apparel that is comfortable enough for your employees to wear at home, so they can continue to represent your company. 

Giving away branded comfortable apparel like sweat pants and shirts to clients is another great way to share your brand. People are wearing more loungewear than ever now; why not have them wear your company’s logo at the same time? If you need some branded, comfortable work from home apparel for your business, feel free to contact us now, and we’ll help you get started!

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